Barcelona there are a different types of gastronomy, taste it!

Barcelona is one of the most attractive places in Spain because of its cultural variety. This city has been able to combine the best of the different European cultures to offer its visitors and inhabitants a wide range of activities to do. The food is one of the most attractive things of the city that is why in its restaurants we can find the best of different gastronomy.

Barcelona Casa Carmen is a restaurant very popular with Catalans because of the great variety of gastronomy that combine in its menu. Not only can we enjoy the best Spanish and Catalan food of the world, but also a series of dishes whose origin is in French, Italian, German and even Nordic cuisine. So if you are a lover of European cuisine, when you see the menu of Casa Carmen you will think that you are in the very paradise of European food.

In addition, the restaurant enjoys a pleasant atmosphere in which we feel at home, with a terrace with a unique view of the whole city that will make not only your taste is the only sense that is stimulated, the view will delight The urban landscape of one of the best Spanish cities to visit in summer.

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